To join the club please complete the application form or apply online.

Membership fees

The fees for 2020-21 are:

Category Annual Subscription Night competition1 Day competition2 Practice3
Family (2 adults & dependent children /students under 254) $360
Social Family $260
Adult $170
Social Adult $140
Full time student (aged 19-254) $140
Junior (18 or under4) $127
Night Tennis $95
Social (max 5 visits) $50  ■


  1. Night Competition
    All membership levels are eligible to play in the night tennis competitions run on Monday to Thursday nights.
  2. Day Competition
    The associations with which the Club is affiliated require players to be full members of their clubs to play in daytime competitions (including Pennant, Mid-week Ladies, Seniors). This means that Night Tennis members, Social Adults and anyone in a Social Family membership are ineligible to play in these competitions.
  3. Practice
    All members except night tennis members can use the courts for practice outside of competition hours or when there are free courts during competition.
  4. Age
    Age is as at the commencement of the membership year.
  5. Tennis Victoria Registration Fee
    All active members, including social members are required to be registered with Tennis Victoria (TV).  The TV registration fee is payable at the time of joining the club and upon annual membership renewal.  This fee is included in your membership and includes an insurance policy that provides injury cover for the member whilst playing tennis.
  6. Payment
    Please DO NOT enclose any money with this application. Should your application be successful, you will be advised of your acceptance in writing and advised what fees are applicable.

Please direct any queries to the club’s membership secretary, Mish Inifer 0419327585.