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Junior Club Championship Results and Perpetual Trophies

Junior Club Championship Results and Perpetual Trophies

On a lovely morning last Sunday we had some very successful Club Championship events.

Congratulations to all that participated, gave their best and supported the players that made it through to play in the finals.  Thank you to all those that helped out along the way also, it really made a difference and allowed the competitions to be run, won and done in record time.

In addition to the competition the Club also made presentations to some players that have consistently represented themselves and the Club in an outstanding manner. Congratulations to all.

Club Perpetual Trophies Awarded

Best Club Player (Boys) – Adam Scalise

Best Club Player (Girls) – Steph Pinolo

Most Improved Boy – Aaron More and Nathan More

Most improved Girl – Lajeen Bilal

Junior Committee Encouragement Award – Maggie Li

Best First Season Player – Jack Eu

Results of the Competitions were as follows:

Section Winner Runner Up
Girls 1 Ashleigh O’Hare Stephanie Pinolo
Girls 2 Poppy Tarenidis Lajeen Bilal
Boys 1 Will Tarenidis Isaac Petering
Boys 2 Noah Tarenidis Matt Tapley
Boys 3 Nathan More Aaron More

The Heatherdale Bulletin – July 2015

The Heatherdale Bulletin – July 2015

Presidential Ponderings

Welcome back to the second half of the year for tennis. As a club we pay for our courts to be groomed once a week and clubrooms cleaned once a week. However it is up to ALL club members to maintain both courts and rooms to this standard. As an example today (Monday) I collected one chair and three yellow line brooms from outside. All these items are kept in the clubhouse so can everyone make an effort to look after Heatherdale’s equipment. The committee would like to welcome Neale Tucker as Vice President and Paul Telford to the General Committee. The next year will be very busy with a new lease being negotiated with Whitehorse Council and funding to be sourced for resurfacing of all 8 courts.

Cheers    Kelly Wright

trivia-night2015 Trivia Night

Saturday 15 August 7pm

Heatherdale Club Rooms

$15.00 per head – bring your own nibbles

Make up your table of 8 now

Book with  Kelly on 9876 3237 or

A sign-up list is also on the notice board in the club rooms.
If you would like to donate a prize for the night please contact the above.

2016 Australian Open Tickets


There is no discount on tickets booked through a Club.  Tickets are now available online.  Just Google “Australian Open Tickets 2016”.  E.g. viagogo lists various ticket prices.

Court Care

The usual reminder regarding court care – always bag after play (from side to side  well outside the lines to make sure sand doesn’t accumulate between courts and at the ends, or if sand has built up under the nets, from end to end) – hang up brooms and baggers and make sure gates are locked – also if you have had access to the clubrooms and are the last to leave, make sure all lights are off, the alarm is re-set and all doors locked – including the sliding doors at the far end.

Please Note:  In order to make courts 1 & 2 last as long as possible, they should not be used unless no other courts are available (this applies to both social and competition use).

Saturday Seniors

Of the three teams contesting the Winter ERT Season only one is currently in the four with five matches remaining.

If you have not paid your ball money for this season please do so ASAP.

If anybody new wants to play in the coming Summer Season which commences on Saturday October 10th please email me with your details.

Janette Bartlett (9884-0977 or

Night Tennis Report

Competition starts on July 27th.  Heatherdale has teams competing Monday (8), Tuesday (11),  Wednesday (3) and Thursday (10) nights – good luck to all teams.

Congratulations to the following members who won finals in June.
MONDAY- PHOENIX SEC 8 – Sam Poling, Alex Campbell, Sarah Carr, Marguerite Cleary, Nina Musimeci & Andrea Boully.
THURSDAY-FLOGS-SEC 5 –  Damien Beltrami,Jeff DeVoil, Craig Lawton, Jason Barclay & Nick Beckett
THURSDAY-CHALKIES- SEC 7 – Trevor Tyler, Jenny Cook, Jennny Spinks, Rose Treloar & Sean Cook

Midweek News

The elected committee for the coming year is:
President: Lynlee Deland
Secretary: Tracey Maxwell
Committee Members:  Annamarie Edwards, Maree Irving, Janelle Owen, Liliana Stankovic, Robyn Stewart

New Thursday Team:  Welcome to Janet, Anne, Nikki, Simone & Tracey – All graduates of  JCS Tennis Coaching!

Applications for Summer Season MEMRLTA (Tuesday) now open – closing July 28th.   New players, either full time or emergency are always most welcome, so if interested please call Lynlee on 9873 1984 or Tracey on 9873 4748.   Teams for Season 1 on Thursdays, which starts in February, will have to be submitted in October so give that some thought also.



We are entering the home  straight for  the Winter Season and a number of our Junior sides are looking secure in the four with a number of others right in the mix subject to producing some good performances over the final 5 rounds.

Grading  for the Winter Season was  an  interesting  exercise with ERT in  its wisdom providing some of our teams with considerable challenges.   All players will be better for the experience though.

Although  we are  shivering  through  matches  at  the  minute,   we need  to turn  our attention to the Summer Season for 2015-16 shortly as teams need to  be finalised by the  end of August.  I will send a notice out by early August regarding this.

Tim Pontefract

The Heatherdale Bullentin – May 2015

The Heatherdale Bullentin – May 2015

President: Kelly Wright
Secretary: Parthena Morgan

These Bulletins are the best way the General Committee has of keeping all members informed about Club matters and events. Hard copies are mailed twice a year and in between times, emailed copies are sent.


If either your street or email address alter, please notify the above asap.

Midweek News

Our AGM will be held in the Clubrooms on May 21st at 2 p.m. (following play).   Please show your support by attending – all positions are declared vacant – nomination forms available from the notice board.

Thursday comp restarts on July 16th and finishes early in December. Unfortunately we have had to reduce the number of teams from 4 to 2 due to lack of players.   Tuesday Summer Season comp. runs from September to early March – so PLEASE give thought to joining a team either as a full member or emergency – we would love to have more participants.   In the meantime, come join us at the Heatherdale Mid Year Round Robin.

Saturday Seniors

At the completion of the Summer Season we had one winning team. Congratulations to Open Sets 6 who beat North Box Hill in the Grand Final – so to  Michael Rodda (team Captain), Allan Bray, Michael Watson, John Fraraccio and Simon Pagey.     WELL DONE GUYS.      There will be 3 teams contesting the Winter ERT Season.

On the evening of Friday 10th April we played a Mixed Doubles Club Champ.   The winners were Stu Wright and Janette Bartlett. Men’s Club Champ play began April 11th – Congratulations to winner Jarrod Rodda and runner up Lee Patrick.

Ladies champs will be held later in the year.

Janette Bartlett – Ph. 9884 0977 – Email –

Update on Courts

Court 7 was redone during the holiday break. A great deal of time, cost and effort is being put into maintaining our 8 courts – they will eventually have to be replaced as the 10 year estimated lifetime for this surface is fast approaching.   In the meantime the maintenance team ask that ALL players play their part in helping to make the courts last as long as possible by complying with the following:

Courts 1 & 2 to be used only when all other courts are in use.

Bagging between sets and after use: Alternate: from side to side well outside the lines and if possible, across 2 courts so sand doesn’t accumulate in the space between.

From end to end, taking baggers right under nets and as close as possible to the back fences, so there is no buildup of sand under or near the nets or at the ends.

Hang brooms and baggers up after use in designated places

If you are the last to leave, make sure gates are locked. If you have had access to the clubrooms turn off all lights (check washrooms), make sure all doors are locked (including the sliding doors at the BBQ area end) and reset alarm before locking main door.

Thanking all members – the Maintenance Team

Pennant News

The Pennant season is up and running once again this year, commencing on the 2nd of May. We have 3 teams representing us this season – Grade 1, Grade 2 and a Grade 10, with a number of new players making their Pennant debuts this season.

The Grade 1 and 2 teams will be playing home at the same time which promises to have some very high quality tennis on display. It would be fantastic to see some club support for anyone who is interested in coming down to watch! The fixture will be up on the senior’s information board for you to see when each team is playing at Heatherdale.


Junior Report

Winter Season 2015 – We have 13 teams for the Winter and given some ins and outs some new line ups and teams have been put in place. We have 3 Girls, 7 Boys and 3 Open Rubbers teams.

Following announcement of the fixture for the season it became apparent that on 2 occasions we are scheduled to have 8 teams at home and on a further 3 Saturdays we have 7 teams at home.   Consequently and to maximise the opportunity to have matches completed we investigated the possibility of gaining access to outside courts. Investigations were made with Mitcham, Vermont, Blackburn and Wantirna TCs, and Box Hill Secondary College.

Wantirna, Mitcham and Box Hill Secondary College had capacity with Box Hill SC adopted. There is a cost to access the courts and it is proposed that this be offset by a modest increase to the ball fee from $25 to $30 per player for next season. (I believe this fee hasn’t altered in the last 5 or so seasons.)

Tim Pontefract – Junior Convenor


Have you checked the bookshelves lately?

Paperback $1 – Hardcover $2   Romance & Children – $0.50

Donations of books gratefully accepted.

Lost Property

Many items in the box (in the broom cupboard) waiting to be collected – adult and children clothing, racquet covers, hats, drink bottles etc!